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Wellbeing Newsletters

Wellbeing Update Autumn 2020

This year we continue on our journey towards achieving the Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS). Even with the difficulties that we have all faced during the last 6 months, we have still managed to implement many of the actions from our WAS improvement plan. 

We are still embracing the wellbeing of all of the pupils and staff in school, especially in such difficult and challenging times.

Each term we will provide you with a wellbeing update to keep you informed of the progress we are making on our journey to achieving the Award. This half term we have appointed ‘Wellbeing Warriors’ from Years 1 & 2 to support pupils in class and on the playground. These pupils have had playground training which has involved encouraging children to play different games and look out for children who may be feeling sad. We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing what you have been doing at home for your wellbeing. Please continue to send in any wellbeing moments to your year group email address. Please keep an eye on Facebook for any wellbeing updates.


Reception have enjoyed receiving so many 'Wow Moments' this term.   It is really important to  acknowledge such milestones and by sharing them with us it means we can celebrate and inspire others in our class.

Year 1  

We have circle time sessions so we talk about our feelings and how we can help ourselves and others to be kind and happy members of the school. We enjoy Cosmic Yoga sessions, where we get the opportunity to relax and concentrate on our own wellbeing in a calm environment.

Year 2   

In Year 2, we participate every morning with Jump Start Johnny. This helps us to exercise our minds so we are ready to learn. We begin every afternoon with a relaxation activity. This helps us to relax and calm our minds so we are ready to learn.


Many of the staff enjoyed their first ‘Wake Up Wednesday’ event. We joined together to have breakfast and a chat before starting work.

Top Tip 

A range of very simple techniques can be very effective when trying to calm down and relax:

  • Breathe slowly through the nose, hands on the tummy and eyes closed.
  • Breathe slowly and count from 1-5 (counting breath).
  • Breathe out slowly as if blowing out the candles on a birthday cake.
  • Visualise a calming colour as you breathe out (colour breath).
  • Visualise a calming place as you breathe out.
  • Say a word to yourself or short sentence (“I can keep calm”).

Coming soon …

Watch out for more information on Health and Wellbeing Week which is going to be held in May.