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We use a range of methods to teach writing.  In Key Stage 1 this is done alongside Read, Write Inc.  We use Talk for Writing as one such method.  The idea behind the system is that children should ‘linger’ and ‘engage’ with a quality piece of text before embarking on a piece of independent writing.  We use different fabulous texts to start each new unit of work.  The pupils then spend a few lessons identifying what writing tools have been used to make the text ‘fabulous’!  They also interact with the text through drama, speaking and listening, drawing and creating a success criteria.  We use opportunities to create shared texts whereby excellent writing techniques are modelled by the teacher.  Then our pupils are ready to create an independent piece of writing. Spellings and grammar are discretely taught and include extending vocabulary, sentence starters, punctuation and connectives. Each year group builds on the learning of the previous year and the VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation) games are played daily in short, manageable sessions.  At various points within each unit of English teaching children are expected to engage in longer, sustained pieces of writing.  This helps them to focus on the skills they are learning and apply them to a piece of sustained writing.  These pieces are linked to the text type that the children have been looking at or real life experiences to make the learning more purposeful.  These pieces of independent writing are then used to assess the children and the progress that they are making.