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Topic Summer 4

Topic work

We hope you are enjoying our topic ‘How does your garden grow?’.  Have you been able to see any new plants and flowers growing in your garden or on your walks?

We are continuing to learn about plants and their growth.  We hope you enjoy these activities and have fun. If you can think of any other activities we would love to see them.

Activity 1: Can you create a collage of a flower?

Can you go into your garden or go for a walk and collect natural objects and create your own flower or plant? Take a photo or draw a picture of your creation. Remember you can email your creations to your teacher.



Activity 2: Understand the life cycle of a sunflower

Go onto  website – search for Sunflower Seed Song. Watch the powerpoint. Then search for Sunflower Life Cycle powerpoint. Go through the powerpoint and make notes about the life cycle.

Either print the life cycle resources or you can draw the life cycle of the sunflower onto paper.

Activity 3: To identify man-made and natural features in the environment

Go for a walk and identify different features on your journey. Are they man-made or natural?

Can you create a table and place the objects in the correct column? You can write the words or draw them in your table.



Bridge at the lake




Sweet shop



Activity 4: To design your own flower

Can you design your own flower? Think about the colour, the shape of the petals, the smell, where it grows and how big it grows.

Draw your flower and write a description of it. Remember to give it a name.


Activity 5: Observational drawings of flowers

Look at the pictures of flowers we have put onto the website. Choose one of the flowers. Can you look really closely at the picture and try and copy it. Look carefully at the shape and all the details. Colour your picture.



If you managed to grow some cress seeds or a sunflower seed how is your plant growing? Can you see some shoots yet? How tall is your plant? Do you water it every day? Remember to take photos of your plants.



You may wish to look at these beautiful flowers for inspiration.