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Topic Summer 2


Continue going on mini beasts hunts around your garden/ home. What can you find? Can you research about the mini beasts you have found and record some facts about them? If you cannot find any, can you research about one of your favourite mini beasts or see if you can find out about any unusual mini beasts we might not have seen here?

If you can, use the attached power-point to guess the mini beasts. Why don’t you try writing one of your own for a family member to guess? There is also a mini beast quiz attached that you could play with your family.

If you have access to a computer, could you create a mini beasts facts Powerpoint with your adults?

Design and make a bug from recycled materials.



Share the PowerPoint and find out about the habitats of minibeasts. Play a matching game – matching minibeasts to their habitats.

Continue designing and building bug hotels. If you have already made one, can you record what minibeasts are using your hotel?

Can you design a habitat for your own minibeast character you created for English?