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Reception Online Safety Summer 2


 Activities for 4-5s Number 2,

Activity 1: Read the Jessie & Friends storybook

  • Download the Jessie & Friends storybook: ‘Watching Videos’ PDF file here.
  • Use open questions to chat about the storybook. For example:
  • How did Jessie feel when she watched ‘The Funny Tummy Song’ video?
  • How did Jessie feel when she watched ‘The Happy Croccy’ video?
  • What did Jessie do that made her feel better?


  • If you have a printer – print the storybook and ask your child to complete the activities on page 6 and 7.


No printer? Ask your child to draw a picture of a grown-up who looks after them, and (if they can) write the grown-up’s name next to the drawing.


Activity 2: Learn the actions to the song!

  • Re-watch the song on the Jessie & Friends cartoon, Episode 1 at Use the actions and lyrics sheet to sing along and learn the actions to the chorus.
  • If your child would like to they could perform the song for others in their family - face-to-face or on video chat, with your support!



About Thinkuknow

Thinkuknow is the online safety education programme from the National Crime Agency. Once a fortnight, on Tuesdays, we will produce an activity sheet to help you support your child while schools are partially closed.

You’ll find lots of support and advice for parents an carers on keeping your child safe online at



The Funny Tummy Song

Actions to accompany the chorus. Actions are based on British Sign Language (BS

Activities for 4-5s Number 2, 

The Funny Tummy Song

Jessie and Friends Episode 1

View the song at