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Reception News Summer 1

A little message from your teachers:

Hello to you all, we hope you have had a fun and safe Easter at home.  Unfortunately, we are still unable to return to school at this time but that doesn’t mean learning and fun has to stop.  We have created some challenges for you to enjoy.  Some are for you to complete on your own and some are for you to complete with a grown up.  See how many colours you can add to the rainbow below?  Can you complete all the challenges and make a colourful rainbow? We will try and do them as well. Remember, you can let us know how you are getting on by emailing us on . We have really enjoyed receiving your emails and looking at all your fantastic work.  


We really hope you are continuing to write your name and numbers lots at home.  Remember, it doesn’t always have to be with a grown up, as many of you can now do this on your own.  The same with reading, you can read your school book to your toys and if you have your own books at home try your best to read these to your toys.  Use the pictures to help you and give as much detail as you can.  Use all the fantastic story language we use and hear in school and we are sure you will make fantastic story tellers. If you haven’t seen it already then Mrs Lane has read a number of different stories and posted them on the parents Facebook page, ask your grown up if they can show you? 


If you are watching television or using technology, then please make sure you include things like the Numberblocks, Alphablocks, SuperWhy, Come Outside or Go Jetters, just to mention a few.  Along with your challenges we have also included all of the set words for you to learn.  Remember these to be learnt in a random order.  If you can do this then try to put them into a sentence all by yourself.


Keep listening to your grownups, try to be as helpful as you can and stay safe.

We miss you all and we hope to see you all really soon.