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Children are primarily taught to read supported by our phonic system of teaching.  At Leigh Beck we use a range of reading scheme books including the PM books and the Oxford Reading Tree to enable pupils to progress their reading skills.  We base our reading teaching on familiarity of the books that children are reading, research showing that confidence, fluency and expression come in reading from continual practise and familiarity with the text.

Children that are supported with their decoding in school are assessed on a half termly basis or when staff perceive that they are ready to move on, by a ‘Reading Recovery Program’ trained teacher. This ensure that progress continues and that the children are always reading books in school that will help to move their learning on (90-95% accurate, known as instructional level). 

Once the children are able to decode the text accurately and effortlessly the emphasis of the reading sessions in school shifts to developing their understanding of what they have read and increasing their speed, fluency and expression.