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Parent Council

    Parent Council Agreement

  • The parent council of Leigh Beck Infant and Nursery Academy was set up during the spring term of 2009.
  • The setting up of our parent council in school is an exciting prospect and we greatly appreciate the time and commitment shown by our newly appointed parent councillors.
  • Through parent council meetings, it is our aim to further strengthen the partnership between school and the parents of our children.
  • We seek to gather responses from parents, via our parent councillors on a range of topics, suggested by the school and parents.
  • Through the responses shared at our meetings, we aim to respond positively by effecting improvements for the good of our school community.
  • Parent council meetings will be held each half term during the school day.
  • Parent councillors will seek the views from other parents of the children in their class by e-mail, and informal discussions.
  • Parent councillors will share the views of other parents that they are representing as well as their own.
  • Parent council meetings will not be a forum for discussions on individual children or staff.
  • The parent council meetings will be led by a member of our senior staff, usually the Acting Headteacher, Acting Deputy Headteacher and attended by a member of our governing body where possible.
  • Clear agendas will be set. Parent councillors will be kept well informed by clear communication, and minutes and outcomes of each meeting will be regularly shared.
  • We endeavour to establish strong systems of communication by listening respectfully to each other and valuing all views and comments shared.
  • Parent councillors will respect the views of all members.
  • Parent councillors will respect the need for confidentiality at all times.
  • Parent council members are to respect the importance of not using social media as a form of communication over any school matters.

         Helen Greensill 20.9.17