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Maths Summer 5


Basic Skills

Warm your brain up with some mental maths. See how quickly you can complete the addition and subtraction sheets. How many can you complete in one minute? 

Activity 1 – Measuring

Design and build a model house/building.

How To Make A Dollhouse From a Shoebox - Using Recycled Materials ...

Designing and building is a fantastic way to test and practise your measuring skills. First, think of a building which you could construct using resources around your home (e.g. Lego, boxes, straws, wood, or recyclable materials). This could be your house, a famous building, one from your favourite story book or one that that has caught your eye on a walk.

Remember that you need to think about the size of the features on your building e.g. the door shouldn’t be too big for the house etc. Consider appropriate measurements as you are building. Could you measure the key features after, like how tall the door is or how wide the windows are?  

Activity 2 – Times tables

Use the number square or create your own to colour in the numbers in the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Perhaps you could think of a different colour for each. Do any overlap? If they do, can you mark an ‘X’ with the other colour? What patterns do you notice? Can you use this information to create a times tables poster? You could display this around your house. 

Activity 3 – Direction

Maths Treasure Hunt

Go on a hunt inside your home or garden. Can you find examples of maths? Once you have recorded where they are, can you write clues for others to find them around your house? e.g. When entering the house, turn left, travel up the stairs. When you have reached the 15th stair, look for the object which has 4 right angled corners. What is the object? Then leave another clue at that object directing you to another. You could even create a treasure map to go with it and find a prize for the final location.