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Maths Summer 4

Basic Skills

Warm your brain up with some mental maths. See how quickly you can complete the addition sheets. How many can you complete in one minute?


Activity 1 - Symmetry

Watch the clip

Discuss what differences there are between halves and wholes.

Do you know any items which are symmetrical?

Are there any animals which are symmetrical?

Activity 1.

Use the butterfly template to create your own symmetrical butterfly. You could print this out or draw it and lay objects on top (like gems, stones, sweets, Lego etc) to make it symmetrical or use crayons, colouring pencils or paint. Remember, check the amount of objects/ shapes each side and check that they are exactly the same in shape and colour. How could you check that your butterfly is symmetrical? Could you use a mirror/ fold it?

You could even try to see if this works with other shape templates (like a circle or a square if you fold it in half). Could you make one on a paint document on a computer/tablet?


Activity 2 - Number

Guess who games can be used to help to identify properties of number or shape.

Use cardboard or paper to make your own guess who game like the one below. You could choose numbers that are in times tables that you have been learning. It can contain as little as 5 cards or 25 cards. Make it suit you. Ensure that you only ask questions that can be answered with yes or no.

Types of question -

  • Is your number in the 3 times table?
  • Is your number odd/even?
  • Can I halve your number?
  • Does your number have only 1 digit?
  • Does your number end in a 2?
  • Is your number a multiple of 10?

Guess My Number - Guess Who With Numbers

Activity 3 – Estimating

Did you know that the world record for the amount of star jumps completed in one minute is 77? How many do you think you could do?

Choose an activity and estimate how many times you could do it in a minute. Set a timer (you could use a stop watch, clock, watch, phone etc) and carry out the activity. How close were you to your estimate?