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English Summer 2


Watch full or parts of the film ‘A Bug’s Life’. You can find these on YouTube. Some of you may even have the story book.

Can you create your own mini beast circus act for PT. Flea’s minibeast circus? The bug can be as creative as possible for example a rainbow-coloured dragonfly, or the body of an ant and the wings of a butterfly.

What is your character’s name?

Can you use adjectives to describe your character/ write descriptive sentences about your character?

Can you give your character a talent e.g. juggles flies/ flying tricks etc.? Can you write about your character’s talents? It could be a superpower!

Can you write a story about your own minibeast character? You can create a story map before writing your story to jot down your ideas and help you.

Continue writing your own diaries and stories about what you have been doing. We have enjoyed seeing what some of you have been up to and cannot wait to read these!


Don’t forget to keep practising your phonics sounds and playing phonics games when you can. Try the Phonics Play website for some great games and ideas.

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Password: home