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The Spelling Shed - proudly powered by The Literacy Shed - is a spelling platform designed by a team of Primary School teachers. It is built with primary school students, teachers and parents in mind and aims to make spelling fun for students as well as simple for teachers to manage.

Spelling Shed

  • A whole-school spelling scheme, giving 100% coverage of the National Curriculum.
  • The ability to create unlimited custom lists and search for others' lists within the platform.
  • A tablet and mobile game for students to use to practise spelling.
  • An online game, which gives access to our platform on all current desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • A teacher hub, which allows simple management of student records, teachers and classes.
  • The ability to set and monitor homework assignments for e.g. weekly spelling lists.
  • Whole-class Hive games that allow all pupils to play alongside each other as an alternative for a weekly spelling test.

It can be used as a complete whole-school spelling solution. Our scheme gives weekly lists and activities, assignments provide targeted practice through our app / online game and Hive games provide a weekly whole-class spelling test.

Alternatively, Spelling Shed can be used to supplement other spelling schemes by using our resources for prescribed objectives and / or our game for practice and monitoring.

Click on the picture to follow the login link.

Spelling Shed


Lots of games and learning time especially from Purple Mash our new ever growing cloud based learning resource. All pupils have access to their own account at home as well as in school. We would like you to enjoy this massive resource by using the link below and your childs login.

RM Easimaths

Who wouldn't agree that maths is a basic skill that every child should have the opportunity to develop.  It's a skill that is more successfully developed if nurtured from a young age. Research shows that a high proportion of adults with severe numeracy difficulties already showed signs at primary school. Early intervention can make a difference and increase the chances of every child today. RM Easimaths comes packed with more than 6,000 activities for students of different ages and abilities. Students are shown key concepts and taken step by step through how to tackle them, and they can get clues from the software where they need a little bit of help. Extra challenges can be given where students do well. Activities are ranged from simple to advanced.  Click the link below to login.