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The school is equipped with a newly upgraded wireless system and trolleys of laptops which the children can use in the classrooms or in our newly refurbished Computer Suite. At Leigh Beck laptops and IPads can be connected directly to the network.

We have digital cameras, microphones, recorders and a wide range of exciting software. Each classroom also has a smartboard and projector for use in most lessons. Our children use ICT equipment in many subjects. In Computing lessons, they learn about e-safety, coding, email and communications, control technology, data handling, word processing, publishing, computer aided design, research and investigation, and much more.


Online Safety

In today’s world, it is more important than ever that children know how to keep themselves safe. We make e-safety a high priority and children are taught the basics of online safety in every year group discretely, and revisited in the majority of computing sessions and in special assemblies.

However, there is only so much schools can do. It is incredibly important that parents take the time to talk to their children and set rules within their homes. We strongly suggest that you put a filter in place at home to prevent your children accessing adult sites, and that you monitor your child’s computer access. Talk to your child today!


National curriculum in England: computing programmes of study