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Attendance News

Attendance Newsletter                                   September  2017

If your child is sick you MUST inform the school on 01268 682322

We celebrate in excellent attendance
We expect children to attend school every day. 

Important changes to the Essex Code of Conduct  regarding Penalty Notices.

If your child has had unauthorised absences you will receive a letter from Miss Lewis Attendance Officer. 

Head teachers are not permitted to authorise ANY term time holidays. Leigh Beck Infant and Nursery Academy will refer to the local Authority for Penalty Notices to be issued in accordance with the Essex Code of Conduct. Currently, any unauthorised absence for holidays of 5 school days or more will be referred.
In addition — From October 1st 2017 Penalty Notices may be issued if:

  • a child has 10 sessions unauthorised absences in a 10 week period.  

  • Or if  there are 6 or more unauthorised sessions due to a holiday taken in the first two weeks of September.

If your child has had unauthorised absences you will receive a letter from Miss Lewis Attendance Officer.

Be an Attendance H.E.R.O. 


                                 Every day

                                 Ready  and

                                 On time

Please help your child by encouraging them to come to school every day. 

Please avoid taking holidays or making routine medical appointments during school time.

We encourage good attendance at Leigh Beck Infant and Nursery Academy by offering rewards. We also work closely with families of children who have medical conditions. Every child has individual needs and we endeavour to support everyone equally. Please contact Miss Lewis, our dedicated Attendance Officer, if you have any questions about attendance. 
Our Attendance Policy is constantly under review and can be viewed via our web-site. 

Every term children who have completed 100% attendance receive a badge. Over the year they have the opportunity to collect 3 badges.

Encouraging good attendance

If you would like support in your own school routine please do not hesitate to contact Miss Lewis who can advise you.


There are still a number of children who regularly arrive at school late. When children are late they come through the school office so that the register can be updated and the dinner preferences can be recorded. It is disruptive to the class when children arrive late and also detrimental to your child’s education as they miss their early morning work and often the initial input to class. Please aim to get your child to school between 8:45 and 8:55. 

Attendance and Safeguarding

Occasionally, when a child is absent and no contact has been made by telephone, Miss Lewis will do a home visit to ensure that the family is safe. If you are not at home a letter may be left asking you to contact the school immediately.

You may contact the school if you have concerns about your child’s attendance or punctuality and you need support. If you are experiencing issues that are affecting your child's attendance please do not hesitate to contact Miss  Lewis, Attendance Officer, who will be happy to help.

By law, all children of compulsory school age must receive suitable full time education. As a parent you are committing an offence if you fail to make sure that your child attends school regularly, even if they are missing school without your knowledge. You run the risk of being issued with a penalty notice or being taken to court. A penalty notice of £60 may be issued by the Local Authority as an alternative to prosecution. This rises to £120 if unpaid after 21 days. Failure to pay will lead to prosecution. Parents can be fined up to £2500 and/or imprisonment for failing to ensure that their child attends school regularly.

If your child has more than 10% absence in any period you will receive a letter from the school. Children with less than 90% attendance are classed by the local authority as Persistent Absentees.

The school Attendance policy can be viewed on the school policy pages.