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Health and Safety

Under the Health and Safety Act 1984, the Club has a duty to maintain health, safety and welfare standards.   The responsibility extends to staff, volunteers and anyone using the Club.

  • The premises have a non-smoking policy.
  • Children do not have unsupervised access to the kitchen area.
  • Premises and equipment are regularly checked to ensure safety and cleanliness.
  • All play equipment must be British Standard Approved.
  • Any activities that use potentially dangerous equipment (e.g. candle making, crafts) must be undertaken under constant supervision.
  • The children will never be left unsupervised in the building or grounds.
  • Dangerous substances must be kept out of reach of children.
  • Please ensure that your child does not bring anything to the Club that could harm another child.   It will be confiscated and handed to the parent at the end of the session.
  • Electrical appliances will be subject to annual checks.
  • The Supervisor liaises with the Nursery staff on a daily basis with regard to the daily risk assessments of the outside areas.

Accidents and First Aid.

  • A First Aid Certificate will be held by all members of staff.
  • All accidents must be recorded in the accident book and signed by the parent as proof that he/she was informed about the accident.
  • A First Aid Box is kept by the Club and is kept stocked up by the Supervisor.
  • A record of any special medical needs should be recorded.
  • If a child brings any prescribed medication to the Club, this should be handed to the Supervisor and clearly labelled.   Medication will be dispensed only on the written authorisation of the parent/guardian and in line with the School Drugs Administration Policy.

Sickness Exclusion

The Management Committee is responsible for the wellbeing of the children and staff while they are at the Club.   No child or member of staff known to be suffering from a communicable disease or considered too ill to participate in normal club activities shall be admitted to the Club.

If a child becomes ill whilst at the Club, the Supervisor will notify the parent/guardian to discuss symptoms and ask that the child be collected.   If necessary, medical advice will be sought.   If the child is diagnosed with a communicable disease, the Supervisor will notify the parent/guardian of every child who attended that session of his/her child’s exposure to infection.

The Club will keep a register of communicable diseases.

Major Accident

  • If a major accident occurs, first aid should be applied
  • The ambulance is to be called.
  • The child’s parent or guardian is to be informed
  • If a parent/guardian has not arrived by the time the ambulance is ready to leave, then a member of staff has to accompany the child to hospital with the necessary details regarding the child (i.e. age, injury, allergies, religion).

Fire Drill

  • A fire drill should be held at least once a term.   A record of this is to be kept.
  • The Supervisor should ensure that all children understand the fire drill.
  • All fire exit signs must be displayed.
  • The fire evacuation procedure will be clearly exhibited in the Club.


We are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for everyone who uses the Club.   We aim to promote positive behaviour and will promptly challenge any behaviour that spoils others’ enjoyment of the facilities.

Behaviour that is encouraged and praised

  • Kindness to others.
  • Respect towards all children and adults
  • Respect for equipment and property.

Behaviour that will not be tolerated

  • Bullying (verbal or physical):  Children are encouraged to report incidents of bullying.
  • Discriminatory behaviour (physically injuring another child or adult).
  • Swearing and insolence.
  • Disruptive behaviour.
  • Abuse of equipment.

If a child displays behaviour that spoils the enjoyment of others, the following steps will be taken:

  • In the case of a child being bullied or injured, the child will be comforted by a member of staff.
  • The child(ren) responsible for any of the unacceptable behaviour will be taken to one side, told why the behaviour is not acceptable, and encouraged to apologise.
  • If a child displays continual disruptive or destructive behaviour, we will discuss the situation with the child and the parents/carers, and we reserve the right to exclude the child from the Club if the behaviour does not improve.
  • Adults within the setting will not use any form of physical intervention unless it is necessary to prevent injury to the child, other children, an adult or serious damage to property.
  • Any incident is recorded and the parent/guardian informed on the day.
  • Positive behaviour will always be promoted and rewarded.   The children will be included in developing behaviour strategies and in deciding what behaviour is acceptable and how to discourage unacceptable behaviour.


Although the Club aims to provide a high level of care for the children, a parent or child may still at times feel there is a cause for complaint.

If a parent is not happy about any aspect of the way the Club is run or the way it cares for his/her child, initially this should be discussed with the Supervisor or Head Teacher of the School.    If a parent is still not satisfied they can contact Ofsted Complaints Department on 0845 601 4772.


The booking of places is taken as an agreement to comply with the policies of the school.