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Challenges Summer 1

Nursery ideas to keep you busy!  Don’t forget you can email us-we’d love to see!

Sing some of your favourite nursery rhymes.  Which one is your favourite?  Can you learn a new one with a grown-up to share when we go back to Nursery?  Can you work out the rhyming pairs?

Junk modelling-go on hunt for used boxes, tubes and pots. Can you make an amazing model with them?  How many boxes or pots did you use?  What sizes did you use? Can you change it and make it even better?

Can you build a den? Use sheets and pegs to make an awesome den. Once you have finished it, can you take a photograph and email it for your teachers to see? Can you make a sign to tell people about your den?

Go on a technology hunt in your house. Can you find all  the things that need to be plugged in or turned on to work? Can you write or draw the things you find?

Practise recognising your shapes and colours.  Which shapes can you find around your house and garden?  Do you know what they are called?  What colours can you find?  Do you know the colours in all the rainbows near your house?

Go on an old photo hunt in your house. Get your grown-ups to get out their old photos and talk about them to you. How have people changed? What was different when they were younger? What about when your Grandparents were younger?

Hide an object in a ‘mystery bag’ and give clues to what might be inside.  What can   you say about the object without saying what it is?

Practise holding your pencil properly to draw, colour or write your name

Go outside for a walk and notice signs of Spring, can you find buds on trees, flowers growing, baby animals? Take photos or draw what you find.

Ask a grown up to show you how to make paper aeroplanes or use Youtube to help.

Test them out outside, measure the distance with a tape measure. Which one goes the furthest?

Make an obstacle course outside like Ninja Warrior,  what can you use to travel over, under and through? Time yourself to complete the challenge using a grown up’s phone, can you improve your time?

Draw, paint or make a model of a spring flower.